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Drug slang A regional term for crack
Informatics A piece of information generated by a Web server and stored in the user's computer, ready for future access
Vox populi—US Any of various small, usually flat sweet cakes; biscuit in the UK
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Due to problems of reading cookie files from some respondents, a number of responses were disregarded.
But there is disagreement in the computer community as to whether cookie files are the best way to trace where someone has been browsing.
Court papers indicate Davidian asked Cookeville city manager Jim Shipley for cookie files in mid-August.
With its unique cookie file, structured per each agency, Open Advertiser ensures a total confidentiality of the relationship between the advertiser and its visitors," said Boulet.
Davidian's rationale is that journalists routinely ask for phone records, and so cookie files and other history files should be no different.
Cookie files allow companies to tap into personal information and preferences about you, including your phone and credit card numbers.
Users can accumulate thousands of downloaded cache and cookie files without even realizing it, subsequently hogging disk space, slowing performance and threatening a user's privacy.
Files that can be viewed include: Word documents, HTML pages, text files, cookie files (that can contain passwords and personal information), jpeg and gif images and other files.
The utility can be configured to remove cookie files which are commonly used by websites to store information on your system such as access codes, demographic data, Internet viewing habits, etc.
allows vandals to extract information, passwords and cookie files