cooba, cooby

see acaciasalicina.
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Vendor Steve Sheehan has a consignment of eight that includes Ballymac Olord and Ballymac Cooba, a highly thought of April '16 duo from Liam Dowling's Co Kerry Kennels.
Si me vas a as altar, probaras mi baston De cooba Africana, [CENSURADO]
THEY'RE back pet, and this time they're going to Cooba.
Enterprise and Cooba at seed rates of 150 and 50 kg/ha, respectively) were planted on 20 May 1995.
Cooba were sown on one-half of the plots with a tyned implement at a rate equivalent to 83 kg/ha.
One notes the gradual westernisation of the Iraqi Jews' dress in India, first in the men and more slowly in the women, whereas in food tastes, the book reveals a lingering fondness for various traditional Iraqi foods--kakas, babas, hamim, zalata, coobas, combining with Indian specialties, aloomakala, chitarney, aloo bhaji, chat patay and chapatis all of which feature prominently to create a sense of pride and belonging to an identifiable community through the culinary experience.