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v. con·vulsed, con·vulsing, con·vulses
To affect with irregular and involuntary muscular contractions; throw into convulsions.
To become affected by convulsions; shake.

Patient discussion about convulse

Q. my friend has convulsions what can i do to make it stop and improve his life quality?

A. what type of convulsions? my best friend is epileptic, but as long as he get's his meds and sleep well- nothing ever happens. i know that as a child all my friend ever wanted was to go to school like everyone else... and to go to school trips without being afraid.

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He said: "We brought the lad who was attacked into my shop, he was unconscious, having a fit and convulsing - he was in a bad way.
He was out cold and he hit the floor and started convulsing.
The 13-year-oldAlsatian starting whining and jumping about in the car when his owner's 18-month- old daughter Shona began convulsing.
The faithful family dog, Max, starting whining and jumping about in the car when his owner's 18-month-old daughter Shona began convulsing.
With his savage, intelligent wit and his "I can't believe he just said that" charm, Landry has been convulsing audiences since he and director-actor Jim Byrne started the anarchic drag troupe the Gold Dust Orphans in the mid 1990s.
Tim, who's been teaching English in Bangkok for 18 months, said: "We got them out and one was convulsing.
Immediately after the second shot was administered, he went into shock and started convulsing.
He had been taken to King's College Hospital for treatment on Sunday morning after being found collapsed and convulsing near the SE1 nightclub under London Bridge railway station.
Dr Richard Beauchamp, senior medical toxicologist for the Texas Department of Health, said: "If she was convulsing in the ambulance, death was imminent.
She doesn't want to check into rehab even though her daughters want her to, especially Rumer, who was at home and witnessed her convulsing Demi thinks her problems are emotional and that she doesn't need rehab," Contactmusic quoted a source as telling HollywoodLife.
Three birds have so far died and nine others treated, after being seen collapsed and convulsing on the seafront at the weekend.