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Rolled together with one part over the other; in the shape of a roll or scroll.
Synonym(s): convoluted
[L. con-volvo, pp. -volutus, to roll together]


/con·vo·lut·ed/ (kon″vo-lldbomact´ed) rolled together or coiled.


Etymology: L, convolutus, rolled together
twisted, rolled together, with one part over another in a scroll. -convolute, v.


, convoluted (kŏn′vō-loot; -loot′ĕd) [L. convolvere, to roll together]
Rolled, as a scroll.
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Also, comparing to the control animals, we revealed the increasing of the average size of epithelian cells of the proximal convoluted tubule in 9.
To know if proximal convoluted tubuli are fractals opens the possibility of being able to characterize them by means a unique and objective value (Mandelbrot; Gil et al.
Perhaps most importantly, the introduction of biomedicine was never just a matter of abstract categories and binary power relations (colonizer/colonized; Eurpopean/African), but a convoluted process based on the skills, demeanor and reputation of specific individuals; concrete social practices; and contested ideas and meanings.
If there were style problems, such as long sentences or convoluted constructions, the manager would let them go, making a mental note to work on the major ones another time.
The larger transformed lymphocytes have hyperchromatic nuclei with irregular, convoluted nuclear membranes.
If you're on the telephone with your broker and he or she is giving you some convoluted explanation of why you didn't get your dividend check," Ross explains, "you can turn to the section that deals with how orders are processed and find out if what he's telling you is the truth or if he's giving you the runaround.
The first question is, "Is the traditional, antiquated, convoluted 75 year-old medical staff organization still needed?
The so-called artifacts that resemble a convoluted sheet are generally composed of a carbonaceous material intermingled with complex magnesium silicates.
Always ambitious, this tale of a minor criminal up against a ferocious drug baron and the full might of the NYPD becomes just a little too convoluted.
Implementing convoluted sections to allow the duct to bend where it needs to and keeping the rest as straight sections to control the natural bend of the convoluted section upon assembly.
Stock offerings consist of white or conductive black PTFE fluoropolymer cores in smooth or convoluted styles.