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Conversion therapy, also known as "reparative therapy," began more than a century ago when mental health professionals widely believed that homosexuality was a treatable mental disorder.
While all major modern mental health professions say conversion therapy is baseless and potentially dangerous, I wanted to experience for myself what is going on behind counselors' closed doors.
Although a few studies have been conducted, none was a peer-review, published scientific study, rigorously conducted with random sampling techniques and control groups, demonstrating either the success of conversion therapy or its harmfulness.
The show transitions to live action with Brennan Howard's mockumentary on a gay conversion therapy group in "Straighten Up America
This is presented to parents as fact, even though homosexuality is not a mental illness in the eyes of nearly every medical and mental health professional association, while, in contrast, conversion therapy is expressly opposed by these same organizations.
Conversion therapy is a highly discredited practice which claims to turn homosexuals into heterosexuals in a matter of months.
LGBT youth are protected by anti-bullying laws, as well as innovative measures in some states that address conversion therapy, inclusive juvenile justice policies, homelessness, and sexual education.
Since the programme was made the California state legislature has passed a bill banning gay conversion therapy for under 18s.
htm) After looking into young men taking part in gay conversion therapy , Dooley meets people who are prepared to risk their lives for the American dream.
Bond University masters student Heidi Jansen said a sample of 268 lesbian and bisexual women from across the country revealed that some were encouraged to complete conversion therapy to "cure" them of their sexuality.
He also ignores how societal pressure to change makes conversion therapy coercive and therefore unethical.
There is no scientific evidence that reparative or conversion therapy is--effective in changing a person's sexual orientation.