convergent view

convergent view,

n a school of thought that states the human body manifests emotions, beliefs, and past experiences within its posture and range of motion.
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Operationally, Union's mobile and wireline businesses will be united under the CostGuard application, creating a convergent view of the company's sales, inventory, product management, financial, retail and customer service operations.
The analysis takes a convergent view across the spectrum of the healthcare sector to better understand the potential impact of the Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act (PPACA).
Geneva's ARM functionality includes complex value chain revenue management, rapid introduction of new services, support for m-commerce transactions, and a convergent view of all customers, both residential and corporate.
The meeting is expected to be held in the presence of the French and Dutch consultancy firms to reconcile their convergent views with regards to the mechanisms of implementation the required studies.
The meeting is supposed to be held in the presence of the two French and Dutch consultancy firms to reconcile their convergent views with regard to the mechanisms of implementation of the required studies.
Both also acknowledged that they had convergent views on the regime of Bashar Al-Assad and the dangers he poses to security in the region.
He added that Iraq and Russia share convergent views on the necessity of solving the crisis in Syria through dialogue, and the importance that the role of the international community and the UN Security Council be to help the Syrians meet and reach a common ground.
According to the Foreign Ministry communique, the addresses made at this meeting showed convergent views about the assessment of the situation on the Arab scene and reaffirmed will to carry on consultation and co-ordination between the three countries.
As Secretary Clinton has pointed out, our discussions demonstrated yet again our shared interest and convergent views on a range of regional and global issues.
He said Pakistan and Turkey have convergent views on regional and international issues and they condemn terrorism and extremism.
On the issue of terrorism, he said, we have convergent views.
Iran and Tunisia share civilisational values, he said, stressing in this connection "the two country's convergent views on the people's uprisings in the region.