conventional sign

con·ven·tion·al sign

Any of various signs, such as words or symbols, that acquire their function through linguistic custom.
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On the other hand, deaf people who acquire conventional sign language as children can learn the meaning of large numbers.
Yet the emotional and psychological qualities for which "reality" was employed in the work of these earlier artists have here been taken past the limits of their conventional sign value.
As well as that unfathomable managerial semaphore of waving arms on the touchline, Holloway had to learn conventional sign language to communicate with them.
This makes the projects look like conventional sign systems--with a difference.
He explains that the proprietary "LumaGraph" panels achieve their effect by using only about 10% of the light elements, or pixels, of a conventional sign display.
It consumes 65 kilowatts of electricity per hour for illumination, some 33 percent less than the electricity consumed by a conventional sign of the same scale.
For example, a conventional sign that normally uses seven fluorescent bulbs per two meters squared (21.
Improvements Include Conventional Signs, Flashing Beacons, Radar Speed Feedback Signs (Rsfs), Pavment Markings, Granite Curbing And Sidewalk Ramps.
Newspaper readers, on the other hand, were believed to want general orientation, broad outline and a clean presentation that illustrated the story; with them, background technical knowledge, specifically military conventional signs, could not be assumed.
Everyone is aware of the conventional signs of cyclicality in the economy, namely of activity speeding up or slowing down, and prices rising or falling.
Digital billboards are much brighter than conventional signs and have a greater ability to attract and hold the attention of passing motorists.
Not that Mrs Hann ever demonstrates any of the conventional signs of adherence to Islam, like attending a mosque, reciting the Koran, praying to Allah five times a day, wearing a burka or eschewing pork.

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