controlled release

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con·trolled re·lease

(kŏn-trōld rĕ-lēs)
Delivery of a chemotherapeutic agent to a site-specific area. The agent is released from the carrier device at a fixed rate (e.g., by a dermal patch or a polymeric fiber, such as that used to deliver a therapeutic agent to a periodontal pocket).
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Notable success stories include J&J's Procardia XL(r), the controlled release version of nifedipine which generated an extra US $9 billion worth of sales and Cardizem(r) CD, a once-daily formulation of diltiazem, which increased Elan's revenues for this drug to US $900 million.
Pulmonary controlled release is a major new market opportunity for Inhale.
He has written fifteen publications, six presentations, and eight patents in the drug delivery and controlled release fields.
Its Penwest Pharmaceuticals Group is one of the world's leading producers and distributors of pharmaceutical excipients, as well as a technology leader of controlled release systems for orally administered prescription and over-the-counter medicines.
Andrx, a privately held corporation in Fort Lauderdale, Florida is principally involved in the development of controlled release pharmaceuticals.
represents part of the Company's ongoing worldwide oral controlled release nifedipine program.
Using controlled release, the frequency of dosage of a new antibiotic can be reduced, from a capsule taken four times a day every day for ten days, to a single capsule taken only once daily for five days.
Exclusive marketing rights for two other controlled release technologies were also obtained: a versatile patented liquid polymer, and a controlled release polymer in film form.
It will allow them to develop and manufacture drug particles suitable for the fastest-growing drug delivery methods, such as inhalable, controlled release and injectable targeted therapeutics.
With the addition of Nu-Gro, we enhance our position as a leader in controlled release fertilizers and add another stable earnings stream to our portfolio of businesses and products," said Mike Wilson, Agrium President and CEO.
NASDAQ: ACUS) today announced that the Journal of Controlled Release recently published a research paper describing its proprietary porous microparticle technology and AI-700, an ultrasound contrast agent for use in echocardiography.

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