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In our study, the incidence of caesarean section is 40% in Study group as compared to 20% in Control group and found this difference to be statistically significant (Table 4).
The length of labor was significantly longer in the control group than observation group (pless than 0.
69 for the control group, as well as the transition of the experimental group to the "moderate" assessment level emphasizes the efficiency of the two operation modes and the superiority of the experimental group, at this age.
A critical observation is that the URP students maintained their GPAs, while the students in both control groups earned significantly poorer grades after their initial fall semester (Table 2, URP versus Control Group I, p < 0.
Subjects in the control groups did not receive any weight-loss intervention as part of the study but were free to pursue it on their own.
Differences between the intervention and control groups at baseline were tested using chi-square, t or Wilcox-on rank tests; the effectiveness of the intervention was examined using mixed-effects regression models.
The risk for CIN2 and CIN3 was 30% and 33% lower than in the control group.
Of a possible score of 100 percent, the control group had a mean score of 86.
Four generations and a century later, the Turen family is still at the helm of Control Group.
For example, if the experimental group improves while the control group does not, the difference isn't so easily attributed to factors such as prior achievement or classroom conditions.
The first report (7) looked at the first six months of use, using a study group of 19 primary care physicians in a large multi-specialty clinic, with a similar control group in the same clinic.
33 percent of program participants used Dual compared to 6 percent of Control group