contrast enhancement

con·trast en·hance·ment

the intravenous administration of water-soluble iodinated contrast material, which increases the CT number of the vascular pool, as well as some lesions (particularly in the brain), due to abnormal leakage into the interstitium; the property of showing increased radiopacity from concentration of contrast medium.
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We advocate the use of noninvasive MRA with contrast enhancement to appropriately differentiate intravagal paragangliomas from carotid body tumors.
They concluded that MultiHance provided significantly greater morphologic information, lesion enhancement and contrast enhancement when compared to Gadavist, at equivalent doses for MRI of the brain.
An extensive T2-hyperintense lesion, which may be associated with a cord expansion that shows peripheral contrast enhancement, is the most common imaging finding (Figure 18).
Both adrenal glands were visualised displaying homogeneous contrast enhancement.
Clinical applications for Isovue-M include intrathecal administration in adult neuroradiology, including myelography, contrast enhancement of CT cisternography and ventriculography, and thoraco-lumbar myelography, in children over the age of two years old.
Astrocytomas are typically T2-hyperintense, T1-iso- or hypointense, and they may show patchy, mild-moderate contrast enhancement.
HCC was highly considered in the differential diagnosis based on the behavior during the early and late phases of contrast enhancement.
11) Cyst walls can demonstrate moderate contrast enhancement.
Imaging exams are still needed for many diagnoses, and contrast enhancement facilitates diagnosis in many cases.
21) Peritoneal disease similarly enhances slowly after contrast enhancement, and therefore, IP images are useful in the detection of primary peritoneal carcinoma and peritoneal metastases.
The Qvu system on a chip (SoC) video processing unit (VPU), is designed specifically to deliver advanced digital video solutions, including SuperResolution video playback quality and advanced functionality including bad light correction, color and contrast enhancement.
For both studies, pre-contrast and pre-plus-post contrast images (paired images) were independently evaluated by three readers for contrast enhancement and border delineation using a scale of 0 to 4, and for internal morphology using a scale of 0 to 3.