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Indian art enthusiast and former curator of American Indian Art at the Denver Art Museum, the late Dick Conn wrote this concise explanation of just what fully contoured beadwork is: "Contour beading is a method of completing the background that gives it a more integrated relationship to the flowers or other central figures.
GN046 makes it easier to mold heavily contoured and square-bottom bottles using copolyester," says Scott Rook, business market manager for Personal Care.
Cincinnati Machine, a pioneer in developing and building automated composites solutions for the aerospace industry, is the leading global supplier of automated composites manufacturing technology with established systems for both tape laying for wing and empennage work and fiber placement for fuselage and highly contoured components.
These fused and contoured images are then exported to further develop the treatment plan, which can be done remotely using CK Remote(TM) Software.
These fused and contoured images can then be exported to Eclipse, Varian's high-performance 3D treatment planning system.
At 15 millimeters thin, 57 cubic centimeters (cc) in volume, 109 grams in weight, and featuring a contoured case with rounded edges, the Contour ICD is designed to enhance patient comfort and facilitate implantation in the pectoral (chest) region.