continuous wave

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continuous wave (CW)

1 an uninterrupted flow of energy, such as a beam of laser light.
2 sound intensity that remains constant while ultrasound is being produced.
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0-seconds pulse duration at 110 GHz, and over 100 kilowatts continuous-wave at 110 GHz for several hours.
In their new system, the team used a type of LIDAR called frequency-modulated continuous-wave (FMCW) LIDAR, which they felt would ensure their imager had good resolution with lower power consumption, Behroozpour says.
METHODS: One thousand three hundred and ninetyseven patients were screened for RLS symptoms by questionnaire and interview, and for saphenous vein disease by clinical examination, including continuous-wave Doppler.
com), has ordered multi-kilowatt, continuous-wave Ytterbium fiber laser systems for use in welding doors.
The Diamond C series of low-power, continuous-wave C[O.
Researchers working with continuous-wave lasers in the 1960s were some of the first to observe the high-contrast, fine-scale granular patterns that appeared when laser light was reflected from a rough surface.
Inherently cooler than continuous-wave mercury lamps, these PWB pulsed UV-curing systems provide instant on/off; fast cycle times, and a compact modular design for integration into a variety of host equipment.
The university developed a continuous-wave ultrasonic technique that is said to be lower cost, more robust, and easier to operate.
The UltraPulse Encore delivers 60 watts of continuous-wave energy and 60 watts of pulsed energy.
One sign that continuous-wave operation is feasible appears in a separate paper in the Setp.
a world leader in commercialization of green and blue laser diodes, announced today a recent demonstration of green laser diodes at 523nm, the longest continuous-wave green laser diode emission reported to date.
Development and delivery of a pure mode continuous-wave laser with wavelength 632.

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