continuous wave

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continuous wave (CW)

1 an uninterrupted flow of energy, such as a beam of laser light.
2 sound intensity that remains constant while ultrasound is being produced.
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These 1 cm wide, micro-channel, water-cooled Cascades bars provide 50W, 60W, 80W or 100W of continuous-wave (CW) power from 790 nm to 980 nm and 20W CW power from 1435 nm to 1,570 nm.
The SIRFC is an aircraft self-protection suite designed to counter multiple, simultaneous threats -- such as pulse, pulse-Doppler, continuous-wave and monopulse-radar threats -- and includes radar-warning, situational-awareness and ECM capabilities.
APS says the billion-watt estimate is for excimer lasers in a continuous-wave state and not for pulsed-laster operation.
LANNION, France -- Oxxius, manufacturer of disruptive lasers, expands its portfolio of ultra-compact laser modules with the SLIM-561, a continuous-wave Diode-Pumped Solid-State (DPSS) yellow laser operating at the wavelength of 561nm.
Buying a continuous-wave multi-frequency electron spin resonance (ESR) spectrometer at X- and Q-band frequency range for the measurement of solids and liquids at different temperatures.
This proprietary version of the intra-cavity frequency-doubled DPSS laser is used in Oxxius Blue, a 473-nm continuous-wave laser module which is the first product based on the generic AMR product platform.
The Cascades[TM] water-cooled, 1 cm diode laser array from nLight provides 100W of continuous-wave (CW) output power in the 790 nm to 815 nm wavelength range.
The latest addition to the Verdi product family, is the Verdi-V18, a diode-pumped, solid-state laser that delivers >18 W of 532-nm output, making it ideal for high-power, continuous-wave (CW) materials processing and scientific applications.
Designated the CRM-100, the sensor is described as being a frequency-modulated, continuous-wave emitter that operates on ten switched frequencies within the 9.
Stephen Daniels of the Oxford (England) Hyperbaric Group and his colleagues have shown that continuous-wave ultrasound also produces cavitation, even at the low intensities used in ultrasound devices designed for treating injuries.
ADI introduces industry's first monolithic Doppler phase-shifter to enable significant reduction in cost, board space and power for stationary and portable continuous-wave Doppler ultrasound systems.
Founded in 1994 as a manufacturer of high-power continuous-wave (CW) lasers, Laser Quantum moved into the femtosecond-laser arena with the purchase of Gigaoptics GmbH (Konstanz, Germany) in 2011.

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