continuous wave

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continuous wave (CW)

1 an uninterrupted flow of energy, such as a beam of laser light.
2 sound intensity that remains constant while ultrasound is being produced.
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8220;Global Continuous Wave Laser Diodes Market Forecast & Opportunities, 2018” has analyzed the potential of laser diode market and provides statistics and information on market sizes, shares and trends.
The reader would have been greatly aided by an analytical chapter to help place the previous chapters on the inventive process in proper perspective, and to set up a framework for considering the chapters on managing the technologies of continuous wave radio that follow.
One possible way to simplify the whole procedure involves working directly with the continuous wave itself, circumventing the time-consuming and costly process of converting the analog signal into a digital form.
Based on this R&D success, Pranalytica has recently introduced a family of high-power fully packaged turnkey continuous wave (CW), room temperature (RT) QCL systems (1W, 1.
Contract award: supply, installation of a continuous wave multifrequency esr spectrometer (x- and q-band frequency range).
Continuous wave lasers for depletion increase the STED recording speed up to three times without any loss of superresolution performance, according to the company.
The 532-nm SCHERZO LP DPSS laser provides continuous wave (CW) output at 532 nm in a miniature package.
They exposed some cells to a 60-hertz, continuous-wave field typical of household appliances; other received a 72-hertz continuous wave or a 72-hertz pulsed wave, both used clinically to help heal bone fractures.
Contract notice: Supply, installation of a continuous wave multi-frequency esr spectrometer (x and q-band frequency range).
The first, on page 16, looks at the use of Continuous Wave Cavity Ring-Down Spectroscopy (CW-CRDS) in specialty gas applications, while on page 48 the author provides tips on choosing an OEM spectrometer.
have created the world's first continuous wave silicon laser.

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