continuous spectrum

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con·tin·u·ous spec·trum

a spectrum in which there are no absorption bands or lines.

continuous spectrum

1. An unbroken series of wavelengths, either visible or invisible.
2. An unbroken range of radiations of different wavelengths in any portion of the invisible spectrum.
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2] has continuous spectrum filling the segment [-2[square root of (q)], 2 [square root of (q)]] (see Theorem 3.
It is easy to see that the real part of expression (10) produces the continuous spectrum [P.
evaluation of residual sums for the integrals on the continuous spectrum (14) is reduced to the evaluation procedure for residual sums of the discrete spectrum (3).
Within this interval, two different kinds of arc spectrum terms can occur: a) continuous spectrum terms represented by the formula ([p.
To approximate it for a continuous spectrum, the value of resolution at which each level of power at an adjacent channel frequency is measured can be used.
Number of (isolated) eigenvalues: none continuous spectrum: (0, [infinity]) There is an eigenvalue at [Lambda] = 1 in the continuous spectrum.
Most recently, a review of data taken by ROSAT's extreme-ultraviolet camera has revealed that the X rays form a continuous spectrum over a broad range of energies.
A continuous spectrum is not needed; therefore, the spectrometer that provides the absorbance data can be relatively simple.
It will be obvious from the foregoing that there are no clear boundaries between these three recognized classes of petroleum wax, and that a continuous spectrum exists, ranging from the lowest melting point simplest paraffin wax of almost 100% alkane content to the somewhat higher melting point and vastly more complex microcrystalline wax containing almost 100% branched chain iso alkane or `non normal' high molecular weight hydrocarbons.
Vice President and practice director Dominique Bonte comments: "It is essential the ITS debate shifts to encompass the wider framework of the connected car environment which offers a nearly continuous spectrum of connectivity options offering a variety of range, line of sight, and response time characteristics.
4 GHz frequency band was identified in 45 countries in regions such as Africa, Latin America, and the Asia Pacific, continuous spectrum was achieved in these countries.
He continues, "As a consequence of this ionization, a continuous spectrum resulting from the stopping of the free discharge electrons in the fields of the positive ions covers the whole spectral region.

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