continuous quality improvement

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continuous quality improvement (CQI)

a system that seeks to improve the provision of services with an emphasis on future results. Like total quality management, CQI uses a set of statistical tools to understand subsystems and uncover problems, but its emphasis is on maintaining quality in the future, not just controlling a process. Once a process that needs improvement is identified, a team of knowledgeable individuals is gathered to research and document each step of that process. Once specific expectations and the means to measure them have been established, implementation aims at preventing future failures and involves the setting of goals, education, and the measurement of results. If necessary, the plan may be revised on the basis of the results, so that the improvement is ongoing.

clinical governance

A framework under which NHS bodies in the UK are accountable for continuously monitoring and improving the quality of their services and safeguarding high standards of care by creating an environment in which excellence in clinical care should flourish. Clinical governance is promulgated by the Commission for Health Improvement.

The 5 Themes of Clinical Governance
(i) Leadership, strategy and planning; identifiable clinical governance lead
(ii) Public and patient involvement
(iii) Quality improvement processes
(iv) Staff focus 
(v) Use of information. 

The Contractual Components
1) Patient and public involvement
2) Clinical audit
3) Risk management
4) Clinical effectiveness programmes
5) Staffing and staff management
6) Education, training and CPD
7) Use of information to support clinical governance and health care delivery.

continuous quality improvement

Managed care An approach to health care based on evaluation of a product or the outcome(s) of a process, and on understanding the needs and expectations of the consumers of these products or processes. See Quality assurance, Total quality management.

con·tin·u·ous qual·i·ty im·prove·ment

(kŏn-tin'yū-ŭs kwahl'i-tē im-prūv'mĕnt)
Structured process to improve all aspects of care and service continually; ongoing study to improve performance.
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Managed Care Is a Continuous Quality Improvement Process, Leading to Managed Health.
What adds to the home-like environment created in the Household is the fact that the staff is a consistent set of 30 employees, all volunteers, who received 30 hours of Continuous Quality Improvement training.
Continuous quality improvement will no longer be frustrated because of lack of data; the data will be there for the asking.
For instance, Neblock explains that International's QA process utilizes an eight-step rotating approach for continuous quality improvement.
Continuous quality improvement can help us understand the complexity and depersonalization of our health care system, because it focuses on customers - physicians, patients, and employers.
We are an organization committed to continuous quality improvement so we are extremely proud of our rankings on the VHI website and pleased that our members are happy with the service we are giving them" said Cosby M.
total quality management (TQM) or continuous quality improvement (CQI).
By taking an entirely different approach to quality--one that emphasizes the need to reduce process variation--today's continuous quality improvement (CQI) methods factor quality into the clinical process and champion physician support.
Great Lakes Service Center Recognized for Excellence in Continuous Quality Improvement
6) This traditional quality assessment model now requires a conceptual bridge to benchmarking as a part of the continuous quality improvement evolution.
The announcement of plan rankings, part of the in-depth "America's Best Health Plans" feature article released today, illustrates the commitment of Tufts Health Plan to continuous quality improvement.
Application of the continuous quality improvement cycle popularized by W.

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