contingency table

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con·tin·gen·cy ta·ble

a tabular cross-classification of data such that subcategories of one characteristic are indicated in rows (horizontally) and subcategories of another are indicated in columns (vertically).
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Fig. 119 Contingency table . A contingency table for eye and hair colours in a sample population.

contingency table

a method of presenting results so as to show relationships between two characters which can then be tested statistically by a modified CHI-SQUARED TEST (the heterogeneity chi-square test). For example, eye colour and hair colour might be measured in a sample population and the results presented in a contingency table.


a critical event such as birth or death or affliction with a particular disease.

contingency coefficient
see contingency coefficient.
contingency table
tabular classification of epidemiological data in horizontal lines and vertical rows, e.g. cause of death vertically and age horizontally, so that each patient appears only once.
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Contingency Tables summarize information where both X and Y variables are categorical.
Contingency table for instructor and student classification for each question Student Classification Instructor Freshmen Sophomores Juniors Seniors Total Instructor 1 800 1,200 950 450 3,400 Instructor 2 1,650 5,300 2,100 1,700 10,750 Instructor 3 900 4,400 3,400 2,750 11,450 Instructor 4 300 1,750 1,200 1,100 4,350 Instructor 5 850 3,050 2,2S0 1,250 7,400 Instructor 6 1,200 3,250 1,400 1,000 6,850 Total 5,700 18,950 11,300 8,250 44,200 TABLE 9.
98 from the contingency table analysis suggests an association between the two.
Contingency table Actual directional change in inflation Upward Correct [n.
Excluding case series, 8 studies contained sufficient information to construct 2-by-2 contingency tables (Table 1).
Type I errors, or false positives, and Type II errors, or false negatives were determined using contingency tables (Fig.
Survivorship of nestlings varied significantly from year to year for second broods (Chi-Square, 2 by 5 Contingency Table, [X.
From the association rules information, the value of the expected support and expected confidence can be calculated as shown in Table 2 and Table 4, using a contingency table of the observed support and observed confidence illustrated in Table 1 and Table 3 respectively.
The GENDER by CUT contingency table results show that, as expected, a strong relationship exists between GENDER and CUT (the Pearson [chi square] is significant at a p-value < .
Planned comparisons among microhabitat classes of the contingency table for microhabitat vs.
When you click finish you have a Pivot Table formatted as a 2x2 Contingency Table.
Based on the OR values and the thresholds, we constructed a 2x2 contingency table to study the predictive content of the OR.

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