contextual thinking

contextual thinking,

n a method of diagnosis in which the practitioner evaluates a patient's symptoms as an individual segment in a complex continuum rather than an effect of a specific cause or influence.
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Contextual thinking leverages the skilled judgment of the joint strategic leader by analyzing an environmental fact or situation as an individual part of a complex continuum rather than the outcome of a specific cause or influence.
Contextual thinking frames a point of common understanding for all stakeholders and participants.
The NAB curriculum stresses this complex of relational and contextual thinking within which art is produced and understood.
The survey reveals that according to global HR leaders the top 5 core competencies of their profession are Change Management (the ability to deal with uncertainty and change), Maturity (the stability of performance under stress, Openness (being open to new ideas and different practices), Flexibility/Adaptability and Contextual Thinking (the ability to see the bigger picture and develop cognitive complexity).