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Though he is well out of contention going into today's final round at nine over, McGinley is hoping his compatriot can end the tournament's 25-year wait for an Irish winner.
This annual disclosure of commercial rent rolls is a serious bone of contention with many in the real estate industry as such information is considered by some to be in the nature of "trade secrets".
The history of democracy and the history of contention are deeply intertwined.
When one of Anand's papers appeared in the New England Journal of Medicine in 1987, documenting the doctor's contention that fetuses as early as 20 weeks feel pain (citing 201 sources), the publication ran an accompanying editorial saying how "important" these findings were.
The court concluded that, given this ambiguity, the congressional intent was to tax all long-distance phone service, regardless of whether it varied based on distance or time or both, and this intent would be thwarted under ABIG's contention.
For given contention window, as the number of nodes with packets to transmit grows, the probability of collision also increases.
The capacity, response time, and operations per second should help with applications contention as well as total cost of ownership.
Her primary contention is that there has been no testing done on GM foods to determine that they are in fact safe for human consumption.
It is his contention that an absolutist, but nonviolent witness is possible because its central conviction is the nonviolence of a loving God; that is, the one nonnegotiable truth is the necessity of a nonviolent community.
Victory here 12 months ago, with rounds of 64 on Thursday and Sunday, clinched the Asian Tour Order of Merit for Dyson and he was delighted to be back in contention after a disappointing year by his own high standards on the European Tour, where he finished 87th on the money list.
This contention is faulty on its face in logical terms; the possibilities he poses are by no means the only ones available.
Berkowitz's attempt to support his contention by identifying the laws of nature with the moral virtues is rejected on the ground that a careful reading of the relevant texts shows Hobbes to undertake a rigorous subordination of virtue to law.