Containment Building

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A steel or reinforced concrete structure enclosing a nuclear reactor which is designed to, in any emergency, contain the escape of radiation to a maximum pressure in the range of 60 to 200 psi (410 to 1400 kPa), and which is the final barrier to radioactive release: the 1st being the fuel ceramic itself, the 2nd, the metal fuel cladding tubes, the 3rd, the reactor vessel and coolant system
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When complete, this reinforced concrete structure will surround the containment vessel for another layer of safety.
The report added that NEI official insisted that a computer testing was done simulating the direct impact of a Boeing 767 into a containment vessel and it was found that the concrete was broken, but there was no radiation release.
Disassembly of the existing components and welding of the new CRDMs on the new RVH and their installation in the containment vessel were performed by Aquilex WSI of the U.
Shrouding of the containment vessel building and another building; and
Air-fight containment vessels that can accommodate life-support systems will make it possible for tissue samples and infected research models to be imaged rapidly without risks of exposure to other patients, researchers or staff.
Now the company is concerned that the molten fuel may have breached the bottom of the containment vessel, escaping out into the outside world, causing a environmental disaster.
On Friday, the government's nuclear safety commission said the containment vessel of a nuclear reactor.
2 reactor s primary containment vessel, designed to prevent radiation leaks, may have been damaged when there was an explosion in the building on March 15.
Mounting pressure inside reactor No3's containment vessel is causing concern, and Hidehiko Nishiyama, of Japan's Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency has said: "In order to be safe, we need to take measures to lower the pressure of the containment vessel.
The suppression pool is part of the primary containment vessel, which is designed to prevent a leak, but the IAEA said the blast "may have affected its integrity".
The Soviet reactor lacked a containment vessel, and its explosion occurred while the plant was operating.
A hydrogen blast at Japan's earthquake-stricken nuclear plant did not damage its primary containment vessel, the U.