contact sensitization

contact sensitization,

n irritation of skin exposed to certain oils and other substances after initial application.
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Contact sensitization to modern dressings: a multicentre study on 354 patients with chronic leg ulcers.
In a study done by Jindal et al (9) on contact sensitization on venous eczema, positive patch test results were noted in 50% of the cases with most of them being males (M:F, 16:1).
Test) detected contact allergy to MI in the six children, identifying MI contact sensitization may require specialized MI patch tests with higher concentrations of MI or the use of small squares of the wipes themselves, Dr.
Mantovani L: Contact sensitization in 1094 children undergoing patch testing over a 7-year period.
Special Considerations: Contact sensitization, including photoallergenicity, is possible.
In trials, there was one report of an allergic reaction in a patient who stopped using the patch because of irritation at the site of the patch that reappeared at the same site after starting on oral methylphenidate, a sign of contact sensitization, said Dr.
Results from this trial indicated that Vibrilase produced no evidence of contact sensitization or irritation for up to eight days, well beyond the expected one to three day treatment period in which Vibrilase would be applied.
Transdermal nicotine therapy has shown promise as a smoking cessation aid, but questions about its contact sensitization potential and long-term topical safety have been raised.
Prevalance and source of occupational contact sensitization to acrylates in Italy.
Suppression of contact sensitization in man by prior feeding of antigen.