contact force

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contact force

the force due to contact between two objects or bodies.

attraction forces

forces tending to move objects towards one another (positive attraction) or away from one another (negative attraction)


a force (e.g. due to gravity or muscle action) that exerts pressure on and increases tissue density, causing it to become thicker and shorter along the line of force; compression occurs at the articular surfaces of the hip/knee/ankle joints during upright stance
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The purpose of this article is to put forward an effective inversion mathematical model which can be used to inverse the wheel-rail contact force and the vibration response of high-speed passenger vehicle.
In order to find out which posture of the driver can guarantee the lowest contact force between vertebraes in the junction of spinal curves, and to establish safe vehicle seat angular setting, also to determine the relationship between seat angular settings or drivers posture and intervertebral contact forces, the following cases were examined:
It is noticed the maximum contact force and maximum displacement are simultaneously reached that means the impact is quasi static.
The time histories of the bar displacement, velocity, stress, and contact force in dimensionless forms are shown in Figs.
When the contact force is removed, the rotating shaft of the tool will return to the center of the compliant field.
We suggest the following definition of the impact force: assuming that the impact force depends both on the Hertz contact force and on the growth rate of this force, the equation of motion during impact can be written as
Therefore, it is very important to consider the dynamics of deformable objects while it is computed the virtual contact force to yield any viable realistic property of the virtual deformable object.
Providing doctors with the ability to apply stable contact force during catheter ablation has been shown to improve patient outcomes, as poor tissue contact force may result in incomplete lesion formation that could result in the need for additional treatment, and too much contact force may damage the tissue.
Providing doctors with contact force stability when applying RF against the heart wall during catheter ablation has been shown to improve outcomes as inconsistent tissue contact may result in incomplete lesion formation that could result in the need for additional treatment, and too much contact may result in tissue injury, which may lead to complications.
And it is relative easy to check nozzle contact force by measuring the hydraulic pressure on the pull-in cylinder and checking it against the machine supplier's specification.
Available in a variety of contact forces and a working height range of 0.
1]=ph, [rho] is density of the plate, h thickness of the plate, F(t) contact force and w stands for the transversal displacement of the plate.