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Resulting from excessive consumption of a natural substance.


1. Consuming or tending to consume.
2. Of, relating to, or afflicted with consumption.
A person afflicted with consumption.

con·sump′tive·ly adv.


(kŏn-sŭmp′tiv) [L. consumptivus, wasteful, destructive]
1. Pert. to or afflicted with tuberculosis.
2. Pert. to a decrease in a required resource resulting from disease or use. For example, a consumptive coagulopathy is a tendency to bleed resulting from use of clotting factors.

Patient discussion about consumptive

Q. If someone is a recovering alcoholic, should he refrain from alcohol consumption in food as well? I mean, can he eat a cake or a sauce which has alcohol in it?

A. I love to here storys like that lixuri, keep up the good work--my mother/father liked to party when i was young,-im52yrs old now but my sister died because of parents being drunk and using drugs. but i agree that alcohol is not the real problem, it the people who put it on the market-they make videos with young people drinking on television--thay make banners showing people having a good time,with cigarettes. but where is the warning material letting young people know that alcohol is a drug,an cause seriouse side effects if not used the right way--I throught that our government was suppose to look out for us.there is something very wrong with this picture--young people are most in danger of becomming addicted--if that doesnt get you depressed i dont know what will------mrfoot56

Q. willing to know the type of sugar which is harmless for consumption to maintain good health? I am a health conscious guy willing to know the type of sugar which is harmless for consumption to maintain good health?

A. Xylitol is a natural sweetener made from birch tree bark. It sounds bad, but I think it is much better than stevia, which can be bitter. It's fairly expensive, but worth it because it doesn't spike blood sugar levels.

Q. I want to know how it’s good for brain and heart and what its consumption limit per day? I love walnuts and I almost eat 4-6 walnuts per day. I know it’s good for brain and heart. My family does not have any history of heart attack. My family is a happy family and anyone can easily be jealous of our family. All our family members regularly take walnuts. I think the secret behind the happiness could be walnuts and its regular consumption. I want to know how it’s good for brain and heart and what its consumption limit per day?

A. as johnson10 said, walnuts have a big amount of Omega-3 in it, and that is it's big advantage. you see, the only way for us to get it is from deep see fish. and because not all of us eat fish- it's good that you can eat walnuts. omega-3 is a fatty acid that nerves membrane needs in order to function well.

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However, unfortunately, this principle was qualified by a proviso clause: 'without prejudice to then respective existing consumptive uses', which effectively means Nepal stands to receive 3.
17) One of the provisions that will likely have a long-lasting legacy for planning beyond 2030 is that it directs the legislature's Office of Economic and Demographic Research to perform an annual assessment on water supply, water quality, land management expenditures, and projections of expenditures to help determine whether adequate water is available for all consumptive uses and natural systems.
112) While certain provisions of the Code allow taxpayers to deduct or credit designated consumptive expenditures, these sections seek to accomplish a series of nontax objectives.
consumptive effects), or indirectly through non-consumptive effects such as "fear", where predators alter prey time budgets and foraging activity leading to reduced time spent foraging and reduced plant tissue eaten (Danner & Joern 2003b, Schmitz et al.
A diagnosis of consumptive hypothyroidism associated with hepatic hemangioendothelioma (HHE) was considered the most probable explanation of abnormal thyroid function in this baby.
The consumptive attitude of the family plays a prominent role in fixing the budget.
By dead-heading the tulip, daffodils and other spring blooms as they fade, you prevent seed development (highly consumptive of energy) and redirect that energy into the vegetative aspects of plant growth.
If the human experience of disease is founded as much in "cultural performance" as in pathological processes (Frankenberg 622), then a traumatic social reality compelled the performance of powerful narratives about the consumptive patient in the nineteenth century.
But they must not be based on the growth of consumptive industries.
They consider the social significance of events broadly in terms of structure and agency, rites of passage and other ritual behavior, the import of "performativity," consumer-culture and consumptive events, and the importance of how space is represented.
A hemangioma that rapidly increases in size has the potential to trap platelets and cause a consumptive coagulopathy.