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1. (kon-sult´) to confer with another physician about a case.
2. (kon´sult) consultation.


v. con·sulted, con·sulting, con·sults
n. (kən-sŭlt′, kŏn′sŭlt′)
A consultation, especially one involving physicians.

con·sult′er n.


1. A formal consultation from another health care professional on the diagnosis, therapy, or prognosis of a disease. See Consultation.
2. A physician's office verb To engage in a formal tête-`a-tête with another health care professional.


to give or seek advice. The client may consult the advice of the practitioner who may then consult a specialist or consultant.

Patient discussion about consult

Q. What would you look for in a fitness consultation trainer? Dear new friends, If you were going to choose a personal trainer for a fitness consultation, what would you look for in that trainer? Is what they ‘look like’ important? Or the years of experience? Or the advice on Nutrition? Would his qualifications matter?

A. i think i would go with an educated one. and someone that you see is fit- if he is fit that means it's important to him and he'll continue learning about new things. and if he is educated and have a degrwee- he'll have the skill to do so.

Q. I suspect that I may have Bipolar. I have not consulted with anyone so far. I am confused. I am suffering from emotional stress for quite some time and I realized that things are going out of my control. I suspect that I may have Bipolar. I have not consulted with anyone so far but I would like to know am I a bipolar?

A. Dagmar is right it will do you no good to self diagnose yourself. Go to your doctor and talk to the doctor about how you have been feeling, your doctor should test you for a proper diagnosis. If you do indeed have bipolar disorder then you can begin treatments that will teach you to manage the illness. But go see a doctor, preferably ask for a referral to a psychaitrist.

Q. We have not consulted a physician yet. I need some guidance and suggestion. My mom aged 54 is under depression for the past 4 years. Often she gets angry for unwanted issues and is alone. Is this due to age factor? We have not consulted a physician yet. I need some guidance and suggestion.

A. Hi, Anger is an emotional outcome as young one too gets angry for silly issues. This has nothing to do with the age rather maturity goes with the age. As your mom is getting older, she could have been affected psychologically. May be you need to spend quality time with your mom and engage her in spiritual or other activities of her interest? According to the National Institutes of Health, out of 35 million people aged 65 or above, about 2.5 million suffer from full-blow depression and 5 million suffer from less severe forms of depression. My dad after taking anti-depressant is normal and enjoying life. I shall suggest you to consult a physician without any more delay.

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