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n the control or custody of anything that may be the subject of property as owner or as one who has a qualified right in it.
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A (discussing sufficient evidence to prove constructive possession and cases holding a defendant must know of the presence of the substance and the general character of the substance); see infra Part III.
There are two ways to exercise control: actual possession and constructive possession.
Receipt occurs either by the buyer obtaining actual physical possession of the goods, according to UCC Section 2-705(2)(a), or constructive possession of the goods through the buyer's designee in any one of three ways listed in UCC Section 2-705(2)(b), (c) or (d).
The possession referred to was "an actual possession, and not that mere constructive possession which is very often implied by reason of ownership under circumstances favorable to such implication.
Nevertheless, these constructive possession doctrines serve other
Under Virginia's constructive possession case law, however,
The ruling said two bank employees were not victims because they worked in the lobby customer service area with no cash drawers at their desks and did not have authority over or constructive possession of the bank's money.
Parole Commission to determine that the prisoner was in constructive possession of concealed drugs in a car in which he was sitting in the passenger seat.
authorities seeking information from overseas also may consider the use of subpoenas issued to persons or entities located within the United States that have actual or constructive possession of the information located overseas.
A person who, although not in actual possession, knowingly has both the power and the intention at a given time to exercise dominion or control over a thing, or to exercise dominion or control over the area in which that thing is found, whether directly or through another person, is then in constructive possession of the thing.

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