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1. The combination of a bone graft, metal instrumentation, prosthetic devices, and/or bone cement applied to a specific level of the skeleton in the course of reconstructive or fracture surgery.
2. In psychiatry/psychology, a set of related ideas used to define, understand, and assess a given phenomenon.


Combination of a bone graft, metal instrumentation, prosthetic devices, and/or bone cement applied to a specific level of the skeleton in the course of reconstructive, dental, or fracture surgery.
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Can body shaming and constructive criticism be compared?
This agreement is fully in line with our ongoing program to strengthen and maintain a constructive dialogue with all our shareholders.
Unfortunately, we are encountering preconditions rather than constructive and creative proposals," he said.
Payments made to others for the personal benefit of the shareholder: Payment by a corporation of expenses of a shareholder without expectation of repayment can result in constructive dividends (Estate of Sell, T.
Constructive non-confidence votes exist in a number of countries, including Germany, Spain, Belgium, Poland, Slovenia, and Hungary.
Ces commentateurs estiment que l'adoption de la convention sur la defiance constructive accroitra la stabilite parlementaire en limitant le recours a la politique de la corde raide, en remettant le sort du gouvernement dans les mains du Parlement et en reduisant le pouvoir de l'executif (2).
Constructive Media serves a global audience of students, casual gamers and avid learners through its digital media platforms.
On September 16, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon stressed the constructive role that Iran has always played in the settlement of the regional crises, and called for more interaction with Tehran to utilize it experiences and capabilities.
We are certainly ready for a constructive dialogue with the new Kiev authorities; we hope to intensify our contacts with the Ukrainian Verkhovna Rada (parliament), although it should be noted that this dialogue has not been discontinued," he concluded.
On January 28, 2013, employees of Constructive Playthings traveled to Far Rockaway, NY to help rebuild and install 6 new classrooms to get Community Parents Inc.
WASHINGTON (PAN): A day after the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Kabul summoned the Iranian envoy over his recent remarks on the US-Afghan Strategic Partnership Agreement, Washington on Tuesday said Tehran needed to play a constructive role in Afghanistan.
This constructive and important measure on the part of the UN Security Council should represent an additional incentive for all political forces in Iraq to work out comprehensive national reconciliation and step up the formation of an Iraqi government that involves all main political blocs," Foreign Minister Nasser Judeh said in a statement.

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