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1. The combination of a bone graft, metal instrumentation, prosthetic devices, and/or bone cement applied to a specific level of the skeleton in the course of reconstructive or fracture surgery.
2. In psychiatry/psychology, a set of related ideas used to define, understand, and assess a given phenomenon.


Combination of a bone graft, metal instrumentation, prosthetic devices, and/or bone cement applied to a specific level of the skeleton in the course of reconstructive, dental, or fracture surgery.
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In cases involving spouses and their corporations, the "on behalf of" standard in Q&A 9 applies to the deemed transfer between spouses, while the primary and unconditional obligation standard under the constructive dividend rules applies to the deemed transfer between the husband and the corporation.
Also unstated in the award is the duration of the constructive trust and whether and what costs should be deducted when computing the value of the constructive trust.
One of the elements a tenant must allege in order to claim a constructive eviction - at least where the alleged condition is not the result of a knowing wrong by the landlord itself - is that tenant have given notice to landlord concerning the condition:
6, 1981), and Jenks, Constructive Dividends Resulting from Section 482 Adjustments, 24 Tax Lawyer 83, 96 (1970).
Recent Supreme Court cases in which the "seizures" of persons have been at issue raise significant questions regarding the correctness of the constructive entry approach.
There does not appear to be any authority directly on point that analyzes the constructive receipt doctrine in the context of a structured settlement of a nonphysical injury recovery with a nonqualified assignment.
It is very gratifying to see employees transform their work lives through our constructive harmony solutions," adds Ms.
Constructive Solutions has been meeting the diverse needs of the Canadian construction and real estate industry for over 10 years.
The operator uses unit equipment to derive intelligence data context-sensitive to the battle command constructive simulation and publish and deliver realistic outputs to the same communications systems that would be used in time of hostilities or stability and support operations.
Our new Community Beat Officers, released from isolated car patrols and the ceaseless demands of the police radio, will be able to operate in really constructive ways, developing a stake in the communities they serve.
If the plaintiff is unable to establish a constructive trust, then the courts may well award damages on a quantum meruit basis.
The concept of constructive total loss is older than modern insurance.

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