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constituent (kənstich´ūənt),

n a part of the whole; component.
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Name, Constituency - Robert Maclennan, Caithness,Sutherland
Sahibzada Tariqullah of the Jamaat-i-Islami (JI) also protested over the changes made to his constituency of Lower Dir.
Any objection raised by voter of any constituency regarding these constituencies can be submitted in written form till April 3, 2018 in the central secretariat of ECP along with all required documents.
For Gabane/Mmankgodi constituency where four candidates battled for the parliamentary candidacy, Mr Kagiso Mmusi emerged victorious with 2 386 votes followed by Mr Joseph Makati with 846.
Rajasthan Cabinet Minister from Alwar Jaswant Singh Yadav and party leader from Ajmer Ramswarup Lamba have been finalised as the candidates for the upcoming by-elections in the Parliamentary constituency.
DPT has, therefore, announced Nim Gyeltshen as its next candidate from AthangThetsho constituency in Wangduephodrang.
As the leaders were unable to feel safe in their own electoral constituencies, they have concentrated on their own electoral constituency instead of visiting different districts to support other party candidates.
It means residents of Handsworth Wood, in Birmingham, will now have an MP whose constituency mostly covers Sandwell, in the Black Country.
A nominee for the geographical constituency by-election must be a Chinese citizen who is a Hong Kong permanent resident with no right of abode in a foreign country.
A report to a council committee found councillors had the following concerns: |Middlesbrough would lose its identity; |Middlesbrough would be the minority authority for each of the constituencies and therefore may not be the focus for any one of the Parliamentary candidates; |Middlesbrough is the central district for Teesside - new constituencies don't reflect this; |The public may become very confused; |The Middlesbrough and Stockton South constituency would see two town centres, and | Councillors also asked how increases in the electorate in areas with large housing developments will affect the planned changes.
Back in 2011, in the last abortive attempt at redrawing the boundaries, I suggested to the Boundary Commissioners that Lindley was the most appropriate ward to transfer because its transport links to the centre of Huddersfield separated it from the rest of the Colne Valley constituency.
As exclusively revealed by the Telegraph, the new parliamentary constituency boundaries would see Knowle and Meriden move into Coventry as part of a seat named 'Coventry West and Meriden'.