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constituent (kənstich´ūənt),

n a part of the whole; component.
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For Beni Suef Centre constituency, there were 37 candidates competing over three seats.
Candidates can choose whether their full address is made public, or simply the name of the constituency they live in.
Of the Colne Valley candidates there seems to be a full house for the Valley - six candidates register home addresses in the constituency and a seventh - Melodie Staniforth (no party) - says she has given an address in the constituency.
2), which explored interesting aspects of constituency life.
Constituency three: Najm Al Sinan (second round winner)
Fifth constituency Mohammed Hassan Rashid Al-Jowder.
Martin said he has applied for land from the City of Windhoek to build a bigger and permanent school for the learners of Moses //Garoeb Constituency.
The Irish Times disclosed Dr Reilly approved 17 grants nationally against the advice of officials, including three based in his constituency and three with links to Enda Kenny's Mayo constituency.
The decision comes after the BJP had accused Varanasi District Magistrate Pranjal Yadav, who had declined permission to Modi for holding a rally in the constituency, of partisanship.
In the East Tripura parliamentary constituency, 12 candidates including two women, are in the electoral fray.
In the Fourth constituency Abdullah Al-Kandari was re-elected with 3,264 votes, while Fahad Al-Ghurayyib represented the 5th constituency of 2013 Municipal elections after winning 3,510 votes.