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Suffering from constipation.


Affected with constipation.


Suffering from constipation.

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Q. treatment for constipation

A. you can also try colace,its an over the counter product

Q. How Do You Treat Constipation? I have been suffering from constipation in the last week and it is very disturbing. Are there any ways to treat it?

A. I found that I was lacking in magnesium. I take Magnesium Citrate tablets - up to 400 mg. Regulate it yourself if you get diarrhia take less.
Here is a good article on the need for Magnesium...
Lawrence Resnick, M.D., a professor of medicine at Cornell Medical Center urges getting at least 1 milligram of magnesium for each 2mg of calcium.

Q. How to help with constipation? I am 15 weeks pregnant and am suffering from constipation. How can I get rid of it?

A. rty benefiber ,there no taste ,mixes with water,and is healthy

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In overseas communities, approximately 25 to 30% of people over the age of 65 years report themselves to be constipated with up to 12% experiencing symptoms indicative of functional constipation (4,7-8).
People may become constipated if they do not eat enough high-fiber foods like vegetables, fruits, and whole grains.
Many people think they are constipated when, in fact, their bowel movements are regular.
To achieve predictable success in managing constipated patients, it is important that underlying pathophysiologic conditions be identified objectively, so that patients amenable to aggressive medical or surgical intervention can be identified.
Zenith String Sextet Adrian Boult Hall There are many who would wish that in his chamber-music Brahms had stuck to the path indicated by his early B-flat String Sextet - sensuous, colourful and piquantly imaginative, not at all the constipated old crust some other works evoke.
He said: "The arts has been in the grip of a bunch of constipated old wrinklies for far too long.
SIR - The comments made by Dr Kim Howells in relation to the constipated old wrinklies in charge of running the arts in Wales (The Western Mail, October 23) would seem to be in need of some rejuvenation.
A spokesman from GlaxoWellcome, Lotronex's manufacturer, says that some of the constipation cases occurred in women who were already constipated and should not have been on the drug.
Now we find that frequent constipation can be a marker for colon cancer In a study of over 800 people, half of whom had colon cancer, it was found that those who were chronically constipated had a higher risk for getting colon cancer For people who were constipated more than 52 times in a year, the risk quadrupled.
Patients may also become sedated, cognitively impaired, and severely constipated.
The dementia patient is often chronically constipated," says the Continence Center's Galloway.
Lotronex should not be used in IBS patients who are currently constipated or whose predominant bowel symptom is constipation.