fixed coupling

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fixed cou·pling

where several premature beats are seen, the interval between each of them and the preceding normal beat is constant.
Synonym(s): constant coupling

fixed coupling

the occurrence of a normal and an ectopic heartbeat with a constant interval between the two each time the ectopic beat occurs.
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However, it should be pointed out that coupled pairs of resonators need to be separated by at least one constant coupling.
The use of elliptical structure provides an almost constant coupling coefficient over a wider bandwidth.
The design results in a relatively constant coupling factor over the whole frequency range, saving time dealing with the frequency dependency.
oo] are larger as the electrical length [theta] decreases for constant coupling coefficients K.
I'd guess that nothing infuriated Judd more than the constant coupling of his name with Morris's.
The device will maintain a constant coupling ratio regardless of transmitter equipment, allowing transparent monitoring of high-speed, multimode optical fiber networks.
This agreement is a result of the distributed coupling effect as opposed to lumped constant coupling through capacitors.
The wide bandwidth is achieved in many directional coupler designs by using stepped discrete equal length coupling sections, each with a constant coupling value.
It is not "life and death," certainly not "death and taxes," and perhaps not always even "love and death" that are the most constant couplings.

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