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Carl, Danish bacteriologist, 1882-1948.
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CONSOL Energy will donate the monetary value of the electricity generated during the first full year of operation of the micro-turbine to the West Greene School District.
In addition to focusing on the steady execution of our core businesses, we have been hard at work on creating structural transparency, bringing value forward and taking advantage of opportunities for share count reduction," commented CONSOL Energy President and Chief Executive Officer Nick DeIuliis.
Further, these restructuring transactions reaffirm CONSOL Energy's commitment to our coal businesses," said Mr.
If you bought CONSOL securities between January 24, 2002 and July 18, 2002, inclusive, and would like to obtain information about the lawsuit, then you are invited to call 800-495-1868 to speak with an advisor.
Consol offers one system that covers all aspects of project work, such as vendor qualification, bid solicitation, bid response, bid evaluation, contract administration, milestone administration, payment vouchering and quality control" says Steven Shaw, President of ProcureStaff.
Plant owners and operators constantly strive to maximize productivity while minimizing maintenance costs and related downtime," said Dan Yanchak, general manager of preparation services for CONSOL Energy.
DuPont) will sell substantially all of its interest in Consol Energy Inc.
On the drilling side, CONSOL satisfied its 2013 goal of reducing costs per lateral foot drilled by identifying and minimizing the relative proportion of nonproductive time such as mobilizing rigs, running casing, and waiting on cement.
CONSOL Energy has proved natural gas reserves of 4.
CONSOL Energy is also significantly de-levering its balance sheet in the transaction, with Murray Energy acquiring $2.
Randy has played a key role in the development and growth of CONSOL Energy's gas business," commented J.