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To argue that the here-and-now reality of fieldwork experience in anthropological writings is in lack is to presume that Schutz's ontological break exists such that the observer consciously denies the world of consociates and deliberately exerts his/her authority to textualize the experience of the other at a distance, both temporally and spatially--"within the world of contemporaries.
Three finalists were invited to present to the ICAHN insurance committee with Consociate Dansig being chosen as the preferred provider for employee benefits, ancillary benefits, property and casualty insurance and brokerage and consulting services for ICAHN members.
Even so, when a CSJ friend in 1987 asked Lieberman whether she had ever thought of becoming a consociate, she attended a retreat and other gatherings.
Nor had my consociates simply grown old in the Jimi Valley--indeed the life experience they bring to the business is diverse.
For Habermas, then, law is legitimate because it is the most abstract medium through which consociates can regulate one another's communicative freedom.
A young girl, Susan, discovers that some of the neighboring families belong to a group known as Consociates, including Louisa May Alcott's family.
On one hand, Hemingway consociates adherence to conventional masculinity with the proper orientation toward death; in many scenes throughout the book he attributes a man's stance toward death or his recognition of death as the ultimate truth to that man's masculinity and, conversely, he attributes cowardice or the search for a false security in the face of death, to a man's unmanliness.
8) Rather than being the basis for all social action, however, 'clan' identities appear to have been among various means by which consociates sought to project varying forms of autonomy and relatedness within the social, political and economic life of regional communities (see Myers 1986; Martin 1993).
In making him the object of their dissatisfaction, Luritja have found an extremely effective buffer--his presence relieves people of having to directly confront their own kin or consociates for the part they may have played in making particular decisions.
In this way, consociates or family were not alienated.
Here I want to look at this extension of the imagery of kinship to consociates outside of what was termed, in recent Native Title proceedings, the 'cultural domain' of Indigenous people of the northern Kimberley.
But, most importantly, he had many resentments and attachments binding him to his living relatives and consociates.