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n a valued commodity exchanged between two parties in a legal agreement with one another, such as money, services, and so forth.


the essential element in all contracts; the return for the outlay. Wages, leave entitlements are considerations in a contract of appointment, even though many of them are unwritten. The provision of housing as part of an employment package is a consideration. The fee for surgery is the consideration in return for the surgery.

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Q. Are diets healthy? i mean , when one starts a diet what are the health consideration that need to be take under consideration ?

A. i am also awaiting to anyone reply:

Q. As a senior citizen, I am having trouble finding a "good" doctor, kind and considerate. How do I find one? I have asked friends, but their doctors are not taking new clients. The hospital gave me the name of a tyrant, who will not follow DoD's orders for prescriptions to be filled. She treats me like an imbecile. I am struggling to find a new doctor, kind and understanding, who listens to their patients. There don't seem to be any in Reno anymore.

A. finding a good doctor is not an easy task. taking tips from friends is the best system. but as you said- you tried that. i myself don't know any good doctor in Nevada. but i can give you a link to an article that gives you tips about how to find a good doc. it's a good one:

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The center analysts found, based on life insurer filing data, that, excluding the effects of reinsurance arrangements, total annuity consideration payments fell to $245.
In quantitative research, sample size and sampling considerations usually are made with the goal of making statistical generalizations, which involve generalizing findings and inferences from a representative statistical sample to the population from which the sample was drawn.
As part of its consideration, the Board has reviewed reports of examination and other supervisory information.
A host of morphological and neuromuscular indices must be taken into consideration when constructing each athlete's training schedule.
Production requirements and the size of the trucks or hoppers to be loaded are the primary considerations.
The selection of the type and quantity is dependent upon specific foundry requirements, the casting design and other considerations.
Because of the inherent flexibility in forming and operating a special-purpose entity, there are several other ownership considerations to address in its formation.
The final area, or after segment, involves follow-through considerations.
This is especially true in California with the UC regents move two years ago and last year's referendum, Proposition 209, barring race and gender considerations in state hiring and promotion.
Kevin Dolan, whose international tax background and credentials are impeccable, has provided international tax practitioners with a tool for identifying the significant tax considerations of generally complex global business transactions and for assessing the efficiency and effectiveness with which structuring alternatives accomplish international business objectives.
While Mazzocco provides a clear account of the interconnections among humanist considerations of the topic, his contention that Dante directly shaped the thinking of figures like Bruni is less convincing.
A mortgage that has no taxable consideration may none-the-less be a valid mortgage if other considerations exist.