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Monsieur will then, I am sure, have the goodness to be considerate with her at first, and not expose her backwardness, her inevitable deficiencies, before the young ladies, who, in a sense, are her pupils.
My dear," their considerate aunt would reply, "it is very bad, but you must not expect everybody to be as forward and quick at learning as yourself.
Not to agitate and hinder her longer the considerate Clare began talking in a more general way:
But it is whispered that when he is most ferocious towards his old foe, he is really most considerate, and that Sir Leicester, in the dignity of being implacable, little supposes how much he is humoured.
I was introduced to the young gentleman who was to be my roommate, and found him to be intelligent, cheerful of spirit, unselfish, full of generous impulses, patient, considerate, and wonderfully good-natured.
The doctor could not refrain from frequently pressing his hand when he saw his worthy servant more considerate of his master's safety than of his own, and, in relation to the sinking of the island of the Biddiomahs, he explained to him the frequency of this phenomenon upon Lake Tchad.
She ceased to be a woman, complex, kind and petulant, considerate and thoughtless; she was a Maenad.
It made Philip impatient, but he told himself that he must be considerate to her; he was bound to make allowance.
He was entirely devoted to the affairs of his regiment and was considerate and kind to his men and officers.
She had the very considerate thought of saving my eyes.
We all have our weaknesses, dear friends; so we must strive to be considerate of one another.
It was this considerate kindness that held them close friends and enabled them to enjoy one another's society.