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Yet another and decidedly different mode of conservatism opens up at this point.
Basically, the aim of conservatism is to prevent inappropriate decisions on the part of the investors and other users of the financial statements.
Conservatism in Canada presents essays in three different sections: the first section explores the philosophical, religious, and attitudinal dimensions of Canadian conservatism, while the second and third focus on the federal Conservative Party and provincial conservatism, respectively.
Progressive conservatism would actively support the existence of the middle classes as the backbone of society.
Keywords: Conservatism * Societal values * Accounting values * Institutions
Conservatism has lost the balance between economic and traditional conservatism.
There were a few sporadic moments since 1965 when social conservatism tried to re-assert itself.
In popular and journalistic political discourse and even among intellectuals, conservatism and pragmatism are seen as tending to repel one another as if both were positively charged magnets.
Although it does not count as "theory," this quote illustrates what Robin sees as the nature of conservatism that he defines as "the theoretical voice of the animus against the agency of the subordinate classes" (p.
Blitz first sketches the elements of conservatism that appeal to individuals, reminding us that to consider ourselves first as free individuals, not in group, class, racial, or gender terms, is the heart of American conservatism's strength.
Ever since coming to power in 2002, the AKP has successfully injected social conservatism and anti-Western values
University of Virginia students can explore the other point of view in Conservatism 101.