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Joining; connecting; connective.
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Examples of conjunctive adverbs or adverbial phrases in English are "as a result," "therefore," and "consequently.
Through his multiple descriptions and incessant use of the conjunctive "and," as well as his purposefully odd possessive pronouns, Harris portrays a people with multifaceted yet unified identities.
001) in conjunctive treatment group (TMT + GBE), reflecting improvement in memory retention, disturbed by TMT exposure.
2011) (court stated in dicta that "a disjunctive charge in an indictment contravenes an accused's constitutional rights;" court held that accused's plea of guilty to a state offense charged in the conjunctive did not necessarily mean that he was found guilty of both offenses for purposes of federal sentence enhancement provisions for violent felonies).
As far as I know, nobody has previously noticed the significance of conjunctive uses of "or" in the deontic contexts in which I detect them here.
2002) 'Supply-based water pricing in a conjunctive use system: implications for resource and energy use', Resource and Energy Economics, Vol.
Human performance on conjunctive fixed-interval fixed-ratio schedules.
Always wear protective goggles when using a solarium; the eye's cornea and the conjunctive may become easily inflamed.
Conjunctive use coordinates management of surface water and groundwater supplies to maximize overall water yield.
Five conjunctive nutrient-use treatments equivalent to 40 kg N/ha applied to the sorghum crop were: control (no N) ([T.
An elevated intersection indicates a strong consensus, and directing the fusion toward a conjunctive mode.
The Federal Circuit's conjunctive conception of the economic substance test is troubling in and of itself--apparently allowing a real economic transaction to be voided by the government if done for tax purposes--even though the Federal Circuit is not the only court to have applied this formulation.