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Provisional diagnosis was 25 years old G3P2L1D1 with 28 weeks +3 weeks gestation with single heart conjoined twins with AV septal defect with polyhydramnios with previous two caesarean sections.
Forced traction was applied to effect delivery of fetus, but was futile, hence further deep and detailed examination of fetus following its repulsion was done, revealing some additional lateral growth, simulating rib cage of another conjoined twin fetus, on right side of rib cage of fetus already in birth canal and it was locking the fetus at pelvic inlet when traction was applied.
Conclusions: Accurate preoperative evaluation, respiratory and circulatory management, and close cooperation of the multidisciplinary team are important aspects of anesthetic management of conjoined twins surgery.
Thoracopagus conjoined twins with a fused heart always have complex abnormal cardiac anatomy (4-7).
Manama: The parents of Reem and Rana, the Saudi conjoined twin sisters who were last week successfully separated through a lengthy and complex surgery, were finally able to touch them and hold their tiny heads and hands.
Laura, then aged 18, was the world's youngest mum of conjoined twins.
Edward Kiely, consultant paediatric, has said his surgical staff were the most experienced in Europe at assessing and separating conjoined twins.
A spokeswoman for Great Ormond Street was unable to give statistics on the number of conjoined twins born but said their births were "extremely rare".
Thoracopagus twins are conjoined twins united at the thorax, facing each other, often with partly fused or compromised hearts.
Body Shock, The World's Oldest Conjoined Twins TV3 - Tuesday, 10pm
The operating team was led by the country's newly named Minister of Health Abdullah Al-Rabia, famed for his operations to separate conjoined twins.
Conjoined twins are rare variants of monozygotic twins.