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, conical (kon'ik, kon'i-kăl),
Resembling a cone.


/con·i·cal/ (kon´ĭ-k'l) cone-shaped.

conic, conical

See cone.
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For the MB-process no significant improvement of the material properties by the use of conically or hyperbolically shaped nozzles could be found.
Introduced in 1989 as a lighter, non-ferromagnetic, nonthrombogenic version of the Greenfield, this filter is made of titanium alloy and is also conically shaped with 6 radiating limbs (Figure 9B).
These conically shaped polyurethane moldings are used in offshore oil and gas installations.
The subgenus Merocoris (Perty 1830) is characterized by having the antenniferous tubercles unarmed, the anterolateral borders of pronotum smooth or with single tubercle, and the scutellar disk conically raised.
Conically shaped micro-cavity has been manufactured on the polished side of the silicon wafer using a laser bombardment procedure.
A conically shaped enlargement of the top opening of the capillary allowed for easier blood-droplet collection than a glass capillary.
The tube consists of an inner hyaline layer covered with mud, conically shaped, with incrustations of large foraminifera.
Although they're more expensive than the conically shaped ones, straight-sided cages are easier to use.
1-2, 3a-g; 11a), the ovarian germinal epithelium consists of somatic NPs and germ cells, including amitotic oogonia (AOs); irregularly or conically shaped residual vitellogenic primary oocytes (RVPOs); and a few large residual ova (Os) (Fig.
Ed Zwick helmed the Tom Cruise actioner "The Last Samurai" here, with the conically symmetrical Mount Taranaki standing in for Mount Fuji.