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, conical (kon'ik, kon'i-kăl),
Resembling a cone.

conic, conical

See cone.
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Take a conic D such that deg(D [intersection] C) [member of] {12, 13}.
It can also be observed that the conic package unwinds faster than the cylindrical, which is due to the higher average effective radius c, see Fig.
4) A conic section can be plotted directly with SSP in more than ten ways.
This model will also allow students to explore a range of conics with eccentricities ranging between 0.
We first have to calculate the eccentricity [epsilon] of the conic for this case,
constructed the corresponding conic that passes through five point of
For more information, contact Norris Conic at the Palmdale Post Office at (661) 266-2514 or SAVES at (661) 267-5191.
Integration will take place with ESRI's Arcinfo 8 professional GIS software and Tadpole's Conic mobile GIS software.
Dancer is being sold as a musical tragedy, and von Trier himself has characterized the film as an attempt to merge his love of compatriot cineast Carl Dreyer's sublime starkness with his love of the conic American musical West Side Story.
The Conic Vertical coffee Pulper is designed to remove the pulp of the coffee bean without using water.
25m to acquire Conic Systems Inc, a San Antonio, Texas developer of mobile graphical information systems and mapping software.
Australia sets up watchdog to scrutinize GMOs: Australian and international firms researching genetically modified organisms (GMOs) will soon conic under scrutiny from a new government watchdog set up to protect public health and safety.