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, conical (kon'ik, kon'i-kăl),
Resembling a cone.

conic, conical

See cone.
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The warblers' positive preference for reed edges suggests a reasonable explanation for why nesting densities in the linear habitats such as Kigyos and Conic were generally higher, although reed beds were narrow.
Suppose B([phi]', [lambda]') is an arbitrary point in the side-looking region, then the conformal conic projection corresponding to the new equator is:
subjects (triangles, bisectors, with Euclidean geometry and conics with
We first have to calculate the eccentricity [epsilon] of the conic for this case,
Move the point B and a conic with l =|DB| and r = e l is traced on the screen.
Thabit ibn Qurra, a one-time money changer from a remote town, played a significant role in the transformation of the "Archimedean tradition in infinitesimal geometry and that of Apollonius in the geometry of conics and the geometry of position.
It can also be observed that the conic package unwinds faster than the cylindrical, which is due to the higher average effective radius c, see Fig.
Philips LivingColours LED Lamp Conic (pounds 117 amazon.
It is no wonder, as the impermeable PVC inverted conic structures installed on the causeway actually transmit the sun's heat through the material, acting as a hot air radiator.
14 Which French designer created Madonna's conic bustiers in the late 1980s and early 1990s?
So when the charity offered the chance for members to tackle Conic Hill on the banks of Loch Lomond, there were no illusions about how difficult the climb would be - it would be their Everest.
USA) to conic to its plant and choose from any of the available materials that The Label Printers could not use in manufacturing such as cores, labelstock and laminate, oversize papers, and miscellaneous office supplies.