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 [ko´nus] (pl. co´ni) (L.)
1. a cone-shaped structure.
2. posterior staphyloma of the myopic eye.
conus arterio´sus the anterosuperior portion of the right ventricle of the heart, at the entrance to the pulmonary trunk. Called also infundibulum.
conus medulla´ris the cone-shaped lower end of the spinal cord, at the level of the upper lumbar vertebrae.


Plural of conus.


Abbreviation for:
Care Of the Next Infant (Medspeak-UK)


Plural of conus.
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The CONI in this respect has a duty - amongst other things - to produce the annual balance sheets of the sports federations and to arrange the financial contributions.
In Italy, CONI performs all its tasks and activities through a limited company called Coni Servizi.
Coni and Robert say that "there was a lot of R&D back and forth--stock bottles versus custom bottles, clear film versus white film, letterpress ink versus silkscreen, and so on.
The first years of their new business were difficult, Coni recalls.
Of the first 46 CONI deaths, 40 were natural and the other six were described as probable homicides - five committed by one or both parents, and two were criminally convicted.
Coty Tubb added three hits and an RBI and Emily Palmquist, Coni Nelson and Veronica Valdez all had two hits for the Bobcats.
CONI, which oversees sport in Italy, said it had referred Gotti to the Italian and Monaco cycling federations after its anti-doping commission alleged 'use of substances belonging to prohibited categories and blood doping'.
Contract notice: Open procedure for the award of three years of insurance of coni servizi spa - ra 059/15 / pa.
The sport event is sponsored by CONI (Olympic Italian Committee) president Gianni Petrucci and Ciro Attanaiese, rector of the University of Lazio.
It is available in 86% of England and Wales and is backed-up by CONI Plus.
The groom is the son of Coni Jo and Thomas Fisher of Colorado Springs, Colo.
Some of them armed with stones and sticks attacked one of the police units in the vicinity of the stadium before raiding the CONI building itself.