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12) When the beautiful work of art with its harmonic form makes the ideal congruous with its sensuous expression, it reconciles the suprasensual and the sensual, the abstract and the concrete, heaven and earth.
Unwittingly but not unexpected, the attention given by gender studies scholars to the everyday worries, activities, passions, and lives of older men has been minimalized by the pervasiveness of ageism and people's inability to perceive old and masculine as congruous.
This accounting information, they say, will not be of the traditional kind but one that is congruous with a more strategic emphasis.
There is still a tremendous - I don't know if I want to say disconnect - but there is a moment in the market that is not congruous between leasing and between sales and the capital activity.
This dichoromy parallels, but is not congruous with, the tension between educated middle-class and oppressed working-class values in both the book and the career of its author.
From an Anglican perspective, then, these developments are congruous with forward-looking aspects of the Joint Declaration.
If, upon reflection, the transition you are preparing to make is congruous with your purpose in life--the reason you believe you are here--then you will feel adequately, and positively, prepared to go ahead.
I propose to follow through on Balthasar's initial insight into the mystery of the inner life of the Trinity so as to arrive at a more congruous soteriology, one that presents the salvific mysteries as encompassed within the divine communion of persons without compromising human freedom and without defying an authentic logic of love which avoids the unnecessary confusion caused by notions such as appeasement and vengeance.
Content and formal interests, artmaking and activism, commerce and community - all these are valid and increasingly congruous combinations.
This perspective is clearly non-Aristotelian and would be congruous with G.
Despite the lack of focused questions in some of the studies and the highly descriptive nature of almost every essay, together the contributions form an extremely congruous book with persuasive lessons about the Japanese female labor market experience in the last century.
It selects what is congruous and dyes what is selected with its color, thereby giving qualitative unity to materials externally disparate and dissimilar.