congenital heart block

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con·gen·i·tal heart block

atrioventricular block present in utero or at birth and usually of advanced or complete degree.

congenital heart block

Heart block present at birth, caused by faulty cardiac development in the womb, autoimmune diseases, or other causes.
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What is the suspected mechanism of congenital heart block resulting from anti-Ro antibodies?
In some cases, however, congenital heart block occurs in affected fetuses, causing permanent heart damage and fetal death.
Liam, who was born on March 3, was diagnosed with congenital heart block while he was still in the womb - halfway through 21-year-old Ann Collier's pregnancy.
The abnormality, known as congenital heart block or neonatal lupus, causes a fault inthe natural rhythm of the heart.
NEW YORK -- Exposure to maternal lupus autoantibodies confers a risk of congenital heart block and neonatal lupus on the fetus, but the risk is small, and no medical treatment is currently recommended, Jill P.
Most fetuses with cardiac anomalies can be delivered vaginally The few exceptions are those with fetal hydrops, congenital heart block, or arrhythmia; these conditions make it very difficult to monitor the fetus' well-being during labor.

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