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A congenic inbred strain produced mice identical in genetic background except for the single gene substitution at the microphthalmic locus.
were combined in a 1:1 ratio and transferred into unexposed congenic recipients (CD90.
Further, MPDZ congenic mice, which possess the QTL interval containing Mpdz from the C57BL/6J strain in a genetic background that is more than 99 percent DBA/2J DNA, demonstrate less severe ethanol withdrawal (Fehr et al.
METHODS: We used two congenic mouse models that differ at the Ahr gene and encode AHRs with a 10-fold difference in signaling activity.
Congenic mapping of alcohol and pentobarbital withdrawal liability loci to a < 1 cendmorgan interval of murine chromosome 4: Identification of Mpdz as a candidate gene.
Previous studies have shown that analysis of inbred lines, their crosses, congenic lines and noninbred populations has revealed the anti-RSV response of many B complex haplotypes (Bacon et al.
KEY WORDS: Genetic theory of alcohol and other drug use; genetics and heredity; behavioral phenotypes, genetic trait, quantitative traits; quantitative trait locus (QTL), QTL mapping; congenics; interval-specific congenics (ISCs); congenic strains; animal models
Congenic animals (strains): Animal strains generated in the laboratory by mating two inbred strains, and backcrossing the descendants for 5-10 generations with one of the original strains (i.
2002), and age-related, sexually dimorphic obesity has not been observed in congenic PPAR[alpha]-null mice (Akiyama et al.
Effect of Hoodia plant on weight loss in congenic obese LA/Ntul//-cp rats.
The strain's fertility was investigated, according to Kwon-Chung (7), by crossing the isolate with reference serotype A strains H99 (MAT[alpha]) and IUM 96-2828 (MATa), and with serotype D congenic strains JEC20 (MATa) and JEC21 (MAT[alpha]).
Acetylator genotype-dependent N-acetylation of arylamines in vivo and in vitro by hepatic and extrahepatic organ cytosols of Syrian hamsters congenic at the polymorphic acetyltransferase locus.