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Characterized by, or pertaining to, confusion.
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Reducing acute confusional states in elderly patients with hip fractures.
Lesley also co-authored, together with Nages Negaratnam and Gary Cheuk, the article 'Acute confusional state in patients with and without dementia', in the Archives of Gerontology and Geriatrics 29 (1999) 139-147.
The reported clinical features include generalised convulsions, acute confusional state, psychosis, tremors, cerebellar ataxia, motor aphasia, and generalised myoclonus (2,3).
Trauma implies that the baby has experienced a break in life's continuity, so that primitive defences now become organized to defend against a repetition of 'unthinkable anxiety' or a return of the acute confusional state that belongs to disintegration of nascent ego structure" (PR 97).
In this sequel to Handbook of Hypnotic Inductions (2000), therapist Gafner (Southern Arizona Veterans Affairs Health Care System, Tucson) presents several methods of inducing a trance: story inductions, inductions for sleep, for children, and confusional inductions (employed to counter unconscious resistance).
Only in California are physicians required to report to the DMV individuals with chronic confusional states caused by AD and related disorders (Sterns, Sterns, Aizenberg, & Anapolle, 2001).
The feeling of guilt was experienced as a burden when realising that others had observed him or her when he or she was in his or her confusional state.
Reisberg (1983) described dementia in seven stages, from early confusional to late stage loss of verbal and psychomotor skills, utilising a global deterioration scale (GDS).
22) Other presentations have included the development of acute psychoses, exacerbation of tics, and the development of acute confusional states.
Neurologic function was categorized according to 3 conditions: full consciousness, confusional state or dementia, and unconscious.