confrontation method

con·fron·ta·tion meth·od

a method of perimetry; the examiner compares the patient's visual fields with the examiner's own by facing the patient who has one eye covered and the other fixed on the corresponding (confronting) eye of the examiner. The examiner then holds a finger midway between them and moves it slowly in different directions until the patient fails to see it. In each instance the finger is moved again toward the original position until the patient can just see it.
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In addition, she'll share insights from author and consultant Joe Weston's Respectful Confrontation method of conflict resolution and collaboration.
The relations of confrontation methods to direct the goals, and the anxiety of completion by the function of sport in the athlete scholars either individual or group.
He stressed the necessity for strengthening the country's deterrent power, and noted, "Paying attention to the elements of deterrence is part of our strategy, but a major part of our confrontation methods and our defensive tactics, which form a part of our capabilities, should be kept secret until conducting missions and operations.