conflict of interests

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con·flict of in·ter·ests

(kon'flik in'tĕr-ĕsts)
A conflict between the personal interests and professional responsibilities of a health care provider toward a patient or other consumer.
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16) It follows that if city politics matter, so do generally municipal ethics and more specifically, conflict of interest.
Typically, municipal conflict of interest statutes do not declare "conflict of interest" an offense.
Provincial involvement in municipal conflict of interest has often been reactive, mostly in response to scandals.
The Court also took the liberty of observing that the Act dated from 1946 while the province of Ontario had adopted conflict of interest provisions in 1972.
The criticism of the Supreme Court of Canada had a significant impact and soon thereafter, the Municipalities Act was amended to provide the current conflict of interest provisions for local governance.
The principle behind this conflict of interest legislation is that a businessman or a person who might do business with the municipality can be elected as a member of a council and still do business with the council.
Properly disclosing and managing conflict of interest goes a long way to dispelling perceived bias in research.
Conflict of interest may concern individual or institutional financial interest, collaborations, commitments and relationships, and can broadly be defined as:
A conflict of interest is when one's actual or imputed interest compromises or appears to compromise one's ability to impartially perform one's duty.
NSF requires awardee institutions to have a conflict of interest policy in place for its investigators as described in NSF Grant Policy Manual (GPM) section 510.
NSF will not review a proposal of an institution employing more than 50 people, unless the institution's Authorized Organizational Representative (AOR) signs a conflict of interest certification form.
Investor's Red Call answers questions such as: What existing or potential conflict of interest may exist?

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