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degree of assurance.

confidence interval
a range of values about a sample statistic that has a specified probability of including the true value of the statistic.
confidence level
1 minus the type 1 error; the probability that the trial under consideration will show no significant difference when there is in fact no significant difference between the treatments.
confidence limits
the highest and lowest values in a confidence interval.

Patient discussion about confidence

Q. I am here with the confidence that you may help! I am here with the confidence that you may help! I have started supplementing two formula bottles a day for my 5 1/2 months old son.Since then he has been congested, sleeping more, spitting up more, and very constipated. Could these be signs of milk allergies? Would I need to try a soy based formula?

A. Nothing to worry much about your child. Those could definitely be a sign of just a simple formula intolerance or a milk allergy. Either way, it likely would be a good idea to not give him a milk based formula any longer. Since some infants tend to have a problem with milk based formulas, they can also have a problem with soy based formulas, one good option may be to just breastfeed more and not to supplement with formula at all. If stopping the supplements is not an option for you right now, then soy formula should be another good thing to try. Many Pediatricians recommend changing to a soy formula to treat infants who are slow-moving. Other common treatments can include offering some extra water or diluted apple/prune juice once or twice a day. If you have recently started your baby on solids, especially rice cereal that could also be a cause of his problems. Sometimes giving an oat-meal or barley cereal, which have fiber, can help constipated infants who are eating a rice cereal.

Q. I am losing on my confidence…….any luck with Chinese medicine? I am having acne problem for long …I think it may be around 2 years or a little long. These little bulges makes me ashamed of myself. I cannot face anyone. I am supposed to have my seminar by next month and I can’t tolerate. I am losing on my confidence…….any luck with Chinese medicine?

A. a friend of mine's wife tried homeopathic treatment against acne , it was for 2 years with no caffeine , alcohol and such and i must say it wasn't very helpful...
today the knowledge of how they are created is vast and there are conventional treatments that are very effective. try reading about it in the "American Academy of Dermatology" site:

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Ford's notion that your mentality has a powerful effect on your ability to succeed is manifest in the results of a recent study at the University of Melbourne that showed that confident people went on to earn higher wages and get promoted more quickly than anyone else.
Asked how confident they were that Iran would adhere to a nuclear agreement, those polled gave the following responses, in percentages:
But, while 83% of those surveyed are either confident or very confident about meeting their future repayments, one in 33 (3%) are not at all confident about their ability to do so, the research from Lloyds Bank found.
Confident people are willing to share and show their personal vulnerability to make themselves better.
A further 35 per cent said they were somewhat confident that they would find work, while 19 per cent were a little confident, according to Spanish bank Santander.
Around 67% of those questioned said they thought the Budget had hit them in the pocket, while 51% said they now felt less confident about their finances, according to a price comparison website.
Nearly seven in ten (67 per cent) said they were confident that Iraq would become a democracy, although that figure is still below the late March figure of 75 per cent.
Just 18 percent of full-time public-sector workers are very confident about their retirement income prospects, down from 21 percent in 2012.
Almost three-quarters of respondents said that they were more confident today than five years ago, representing a 10 point increase from 2013.
When you go to a new club and city it takes time to settle but I am definitely confident the goals will come.
PEOPLE in Wales are no more confident about spending their money than they were six months ago, an exclusive Beaufort Research poll for the Western Mail reveals today.
RUGBY UNION: European Rugby Cup chief executive Derek McGrath is confident the Heineken Cup has a long-term future.

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