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Relating to a condyle.


Relating to a condyle.
Relating to a condyle.


Relating to a condyle.

condylar (kän´dilur),

adj pertaining to the mandibular condyle.
condylar axis,
condylar cartilage,
condylar guide,
condylar guide inclination,
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Using a joint coordinate system established on the tibiofemoral model (Figure 3), the 3D tibiofemoral kinematics and condylar motion were measured.
Three-dimensional unilateral method for the bilateral measurement of condylar movements, Journal of Biomechanics 28: 1007-1011.
CH type 2 occurs unilaterally and involves enlargement of the condylar head; usually the condylar neck increases in thickness and the vertical height of the mandibular ramus and body increases on the ipsilateral side, often accompanied by a compensatory downward growth of the ipsilateral maxilla (4).
Typically, disc material is seen as symmetric crescentic hypointense material seen above the condylar head and on the image slice just anterior to the condyle (Figure 6).
Initial diagnosis was that it was a lateral condylar fracture of the off-hind leg.
Six partial mandibles of Sorex cinereus, one with the condylar area complete, were recovered from the Tonk Creek site.
Smart Screw[R] II - The new SmartScrew II offering is a comprehensive line of bioabsorbable bone fixation implants indicated for fixation of fractures, osteotomies, arthrodeses and condylar grafts within the condylar aspects of the upper extremity, ankle and foot.
The validity of in vivo ultrasonographic grading of osteoarthritic femoral condylar cartilage: a comparison with in vitro ultrasonographic and histologic gradings.
Bone Models+ developed a femoral component model for the company for use with Verasense that enables the simulated application of bilateral condylar pressure (around the knee) during use of the system.
2011), negative effects such as increased condylar resorption (Gunson et al.
Rasse et al used 2-mm-thick PDLLA plates in repairing condylar neck fractures in sheep.