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n the use of two or more processors in a system configuration. One processor controls the system, and the others are subordinate to it.
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He concluded: "Two concurrent operations are placing a huge demand on equipment and personnel.
In addition to 3D graphics user interfaces, full HD 3D TV and web browsing, Haier's new design with XCode(R) 4210 also allows concurrent operations such as streaming to other devices in the home including PCs, smart phones, iPads and many more as a result of the advanced video transcoding capabilities embedded in XCode(R) 4210.
For its 2010 QDR analyses, DOD examined forces needed for three different sets of scenarios, each consisting of multiple concurrent operations, chosen to reflect the complexity and range of events that may occur in multiple theaters in overlapping timeframes in the mid-term (5 to 7 years in the future).
They say: "We are deeply concerned that the armed forces have been operating at or above the level of concurrent operations they are resourced and structured to deliver for seven of the last eight years, and for every year since 2002.
Working with UTEC to deploy four Echoscopes for concurrent operations in this harsh and complex environment not only allowed real-time visualization and measurement in low visibility conditions, but also enabled the task to be done safely and within record time.
Designed for maintaining consistency of concurrent operations across its distributed data nodes, Geode can support ACID transactions for massively scaled applications such as stock trading, financial payments and ticket sales, already proven in customer deployments of more than 10 million user transactions a day.
Bandwidth Engine enables full duplex and concurrent operations with the packetized, 90% efficient GigaChip[TM] Interface transport protocol.
The solution also supports flexible combinations of Baseband Unit (BBU), Radio Frequency (RF) and power modules, provides Global System for Mobile (GSM), Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS) and LTE three-mode concurrent operations, presenting an effective solution to operators for deployment at complex sites.
Multiple concurrent operations in addition to Quad HD to HD transcoding
Multiple concurrent operations including transcoding of quad HD streams, DLNA Premium video streaming to multiple clients, and transcryption
The XCode 5100 family, deployed with pioneering patented and proprietary technology, has truly set a new standard with its ability to process and transcode multiple HD streams, and to do multiple concurrent operations on each of those streams".
The Opsware Global Shell enables centralized management of Unix, Linux and Windows servers with the ability to execute concurrent operations on hundreds to thousands of systems in parallel.
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