concrete operations

con·crete op·er·a·tions

in the psychology of Piaget, a stage of development in thinking, occurring approximately between 7-11 years of age, during which a child becomes capable of reasoning about concrete situations.
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The antitrust cases against the concrete operations of major concrete producers in Florida, which included Titan America LLC's Florida subsidiary, Tarmac America LLC, have been dismissed.
In typical concrete operations using agitated tanks, suspended solids range from 10-20 percent by weight.
Cement and Aggregate & Concrete operations, noted, "As a leader in the building materials industry, it is important to us to be close to our operations and customers to help provide them with sustainable construction solutions.
Further, with only 75% of all persons reaching fully formal operational thinking (Ivey, 1993, 1999), the thought processes experienced by children, especially concrete operations, will likely be seen in adults as well.
The move is in addition to recent bolt-on acquisitions in ready mixed concrete operations made by the group's US and Polish subsidiaries, for a total of pounds 5.
TrimView Direct is expected to be available in March 2015 for concrete operations directly through Trimble's Construction Logistics sales organization.
Also, under the proposed laws, contractors would hold safety orientation programs and regular safety meetings to review operating procedures during crane or concrete operations.
These changes are based on 41 recommendations developed during the unprecedented $4 million study of crane, hoist, excavation, and concrete operations launched last year in response to an increase in construction accidents.
Thomas and Tortola concrete operations and excess St.
Motorcity, the sole distributor of Hino Motors in Bahrain, recently delivered a new fleet of Hino trucks to Eastern Asphalt & Mixed Concrete Company (EAMCO), a market leader in asphalt and ready-mix concrete operations in the kingdom.
Upon closing of the previously announced sale of our Florida cement and concrete operations for $720 million, which is expected to occur in the first quarter of 2014, we will have delivered on our commitments made two years ago to enhance profitability, divest non-strategic assets and reduce debt," James continued.