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The concrete admixtures market has been covered in detail in this report.
Plasticizing and Superplasticizing Concrete Admixtures Market
The regional concrete admixture market is further segmented on the basis of major types.
com/research/pqtgdm/asiapacific) has announced the addition of the "Asia-Pacific Concrete Admixtures Market: By Type (Superplasticizers, Normal Plasticizers, Accelerating Agents, Waterproofing Admixtures, Others), By Geography - Analysis and Forecast to 2019" report to their offering.
This means that Sika is very well positioned to consolidate its long-term market leadership, in particular for concrete admixtures, and to gain further market share.
Both factories will produce concrete admixtures that would improve the durability and working properties of concrete used in commercial, institutional, and residential construction and will also manufacture the additives used in cement processing to improve energy efficiency and enhance the characteristics of finished cement.
The use of special concrete admixtures in the concrete manufacturing process can lower carbon emissions by up to 60 per cent.
Recent developments in cold-weather construction include the use of ground heating devices that can actually thaw frozen soil, to allow for excavation and concrete work to proceed, and more sophisticated concrete admixtures, that lower the freezing point of concrete and provide faster strength gain," Murnane said.
demand for protective chemicals is largely driven by maintenance requirements while demand for concrete admixtures is primarily linked to newbuild and infrastructure.
8, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- The market size, in terms of value, of concrete admixtures is estimated to be about USD 11.
The company has opened a mortar plant with additional production facilities for concrete admixtures and liquid applied membranes to become fully operational in 2015.
and Borregaard ASA, Sarpsborg, Norway, have effected a letter of intent to develop a 150,000-metric-ton capacity production line for lignin, a cellulose-derived raw material where global supply and demand imbalance invites price spikes of products including concrete admixtures.