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concise, the brand name for diacrylate resin adhesives used in composite restorations and for bonding orthodontic appliances to the enamel.
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From left, James Addison of Discovery Design, Councillor Carl Marshall, Clive Oliphant of BDN and Daniel Roe of Concision Picture: Stuart Boulton
Lecture eighteen engages the difficult "Transition to the Concept" with admirable accuracy and concision.
To learn more about Concision Research, Inc and their "Concision Market Reports," please visit the company's website or call 770-874-3600 for additional information.
The description has the virtue of concision, but it cannot encompass the range of Woolley's interests and involvements.
Sandra Schulberg and Josh Waletzky have reconstituted a complete version from an extant German print, and despite past minings of the terrain (such as the French "Nuremberg: The Nazis Facing Their Crimes"), this re-excavated attempt to grasp the unimaginable, with its sober concision, clarity and inexorable buildup, packs an unexpected wallop.
The result is an almost Hemingwayesque concision with which this story burns along energetically and a restrained bile that makes it a pleasure to read.
It was the age of sitting down in a study, smoking a pipe and reflecting on life with big words and no thoughts of a sub-editor's need for concision.
La edicion es muy sencilla, y si ha de alabarse al autor por la exhaustividad de los datos aun dentro de la concision, hubiera sido de desear una mayor prolijidad a la hora de insertar imagenes de las obras, lo cual, sin embargo, habria engrosado el numero de paginas.
The task of concision in any of these six founding fathers' lives would be a daunting task, yet Fleming has achieved its demands without sacrificing the subtle qualifications that dot any person's biography.
Although a concise sentence is without needless words, it is difficult to define concision more precisely There are, however, some principles that facilitate revision.
Rarely has anyone voiced their evident concerns with such clarity and concision as Mr Davis in his powerful and passionate resignation statement.
His prose has a concision, power and clarity that remind me of Conrad.